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Thank you for your interest in 2nd Life Battery and our hybrid batteries!

Got a question about refurbished hybrid batteries? We are here to answer any questions you have, whether it is about the different models we refurbish, pricing, shipping and delivery options, or even technical questions about our brick modules. We are really eco-friendly and are committed to the very best practices in refurbishing your hybrid car battery and minimizing waste.

So if you are wondering how long our Toyota refurbished hybrid car batteries last, or the cost to replace a Honda hybrid battery, or have questions about our refurbished Lexus hybrid battery, you’re in the right place!
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Joe in the battery lab energy testing 28 module Prius brick.


58555 George Millican Rd Bend, or USA.


(541) 233-7707



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We are dedicated to giving your hybrid vehicle a Second Life

It is no longer considered work when it is your passion… and it is our passion here at 2nd Life Battery to build your new hybrid battery brick! Visit our store and feel free to contact us for questions!

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