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Toyota is a famous worldwide company. It’s a motor corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer based in Toyota. It’s the world’s market leader in sales of hybrid electric vehicles and encourages other companies to use hybrid vehicles all over the globe.

Toyota Prius hybrid battery is used for out-of-warranty cars to give them new life.  The cost of Toyota Prius hybrid battery replacement depends on the model you have. Although it’s said that the Prius hybrid battery replacement is a rare occurrence because of the quality pieces of equipment Toyota use. Toyota offers an 8 year/100,000-mile warranty in most states. It’s inexpensive to maintain the car with Toyota Prius hybrid battery with more fuel-efficiency.

Toyota has also launched a battery recycling program in 2010 hence, regardless of what the owner chooses expired battery packs aren’t wasted. Toyota says the battery pack is one of the least-frequently replaced items across all Prius models. As per Toyota terms, any battery that needs replacement within the warranty period will be replaced at no cost. If the battery pack in your Toyota Prius dies before the end of its 150,000 (or 100,000) mile warranty, Toyota will replace it free of charge.

Toyota Hybrid Battery Replacement Costs

Toyota Prius hybrid battery replacement cost mainly depends on the vehicle model hence, there will be variation in the cost. Each Toyota Prius hybrid battery replacement prices will be reduced by the old battery pack as it recycles.  The unit cost of a Toyota Prius battery pack is between $2,300 and $2,590 excluding installation charges.  Installation charges of Prius hybrid battery vary by location.  Also, labor charges may vary as per the location.

Once the battery dies either the owner can replace the battery if it’s in warranty or else Prius hybrid battery can be repaired by removing the entire battery pack assembly, taking it apart, testing the individual cells and then replacing defective cells. In a lot of cases, this cost much less than replacing the entire battery pack with a new or even a used part.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Features

Toyota Prius hybrid battery pack of the second generation consists of 28 Panasonic prismatic nickel-metal hydride modules. Each module containing six 1.2 volt cells—connected in series to produce a nominal voltage of 201.6 volts. The total number of cells in Toyota Prius hybrid battery is 168, compared with 228 cells packaged in 38 modules in the first-generation Prius. The weight of the complete battery pack is 53.3 kg or more. The discharge power capability of the Prius pack is about 20 kW at 50 percent state of charge.

Mainly a hybrid vehicle is a balance between an electric drive and a petrol engine, and the Toyota Prius is a full hybrid electric automobile. It has been among the best fuel economy vehicle available in the market. Not just that it’s also environment-friendly. Whether you are replacing it or going for repairing it will only give the new life to your vehicle and will add few more years.

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