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The talk of a hybrid battery has been going on ever since the hybrid vehicles have arrived in the market. But those people who do not possess an electric car may not have known about a hybrid car battery. Even if they have heard about it they do not know the difference between a hybrid battery and a regular car battery. Before planning to invest in a hybrid car and a hybrid battery, you should know the difference between them. We are a dealer in second-hand hybrid car batteries with our office in Bend, Oregon. We manufacture reconditioned batteries for all the leading car models like Toyota, Lexus, and Honda, etc. You should contact us if you want to know about the Toyota Camry hybrid battery life.

We will discuss here the differences between the hybrid battery and standard battery, together with their functionality and the similarities they share with each other.

What is a Hybrid Battery?

A hybrid battery is like a normal battery but it features the unique ability to be recharged. They contain two electrodes and they are placed safely from each other to prevent the danger of a short circuit. They are separated by a polymer film which ensures that they do not come in touch with each other.

The hybrid battery can be termed as a battery pack; it is not a single identity. It contains many cells to boost the power of the hybrid vehicle.  If they are maintained well, they can last about 10 years.

On the other hand, a standard Car Battery combines 6 to 12 cells and made from lead-acid. It has the sole purpose of starting your vehicle by releasing the power to the engine. You can expect them to last around 2 to 6 years. They last long in cold climatic conditions.

The Difference

The main difference between the standard battery and a hybrid battery lies in their longevity. A major concern among car owners is the survival rate of this hybrid battery. You can expect your standard battery to last a maximum 6 years and a hybrid battery to 10 years.

Environmental Effects

The hybrid battery is less toxic because it are made from nickel and hence environment-friendly. The standard battery is made from lead-acid which is highly toxic. They need to be recycled to minimize the effects on the environment.

Hybrid Battery is Fuel Efficient

The hybrid vehicle is considered more efficient because they consume less fuel because of their hybrid nature. They work in a combination of NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery which balances the fuel consumption unlike in normal cars.

Why Us

2nd Life Battery is a family-owned company run by a highly experienced automotive engineer Joe Merrill. We refurbish superior quality hybrid batteries to give a second life to the cars whose batteries have gone bad. We offer a 1-year warranty in all our reconditioned hybrid car batteriesWe help to save the environment by preventing old batteries to go to landfills and reuse them in vehicles. You must go for a hybrid battery it if you love the environment and want to save yourself from costly replacement.

To know about our Toyota Camry hybrid battery life in detail, give us a call at 541-233-7707.  We are contactable in all working days.

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